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Formex Industries, consisting of Formex Pressings and Formex Tubing, is strategically located in South Africa, the African continent’s most vibrant economic centre. Nestling on the East Coast in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole (which includes Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage), Formex Industries presents a primary economic driving force in the region.


Formex Tubing is a market leader in the manufacturing and supply of tubular and exhaust-related components. The company’s global competitive advantage is our world-class quality and on-time delivery to our customers. Our technology includes laser welding, TIG welding, CNC bending and forming and robotic welding. The people employed by Formex Tubing are committed towards both the company ethic as well as its customers.

How trade shows benefit automotive manufacturers

Trade shows are a unique opportunity for marketing and network-building, especially for automotive manufacturers. Car shows and motoring expos are important tools that car brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) utilise fully to expand their footprint and...

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The automotive industry is pushing for sustainability

The South African automotive industry has stepped up to the plate to ensure that car parts are reusable and recyclable. More than 80% of a vehicle is able to be recycled nowadays; from used oil and old tyres to metal and battery components, the proportion of modern...

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Choose the right optional extras for your new car

Most vehicle manufacturers will offer their customers optional extras when purchasing a car. These include upgraded seats, advanced technology, sporty rims and aesthetic adjustments. Optional extras not only improve the experience of owning and driving the vehicle,...

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