South Africa has undergone some significant changes in the past year. This, paired with the uncertainty around the outcome of the national elections in May 2019, has created some fluctuations in the prices of fuel. The fuel prices jump regularly, so the best way to stay on top of your monthly budget is to lower your fuel consumption and save some extra money.


Eight ways to lower your fuel consumption

  1. Drive calmly – Your driving style is a major factor that determines your fuel consumption. If you drive in a calm manner, you’ll be more fuel-efficient. Rapid acceleration and harsh braking will force you to use more fuel than necessary. Concentrate on driving smoothly, as if you were transporting a queen.
  2. Avoid speeding – Driving faster than necessary means that you burn more fuel. It also means additional wear and tear on your tyres, brakes and engine components. Try to keep your speed constant and avoid regular braking and accelerating. Leave a large gap between you and the car in front to help you achieve this.
  3. Leave early – One of the best ways to avoid speeding or aggressive driving is to leave early. Give yourself enough time to get to your destination at a leisurely pace. Also, try to avoid congested roads and peak traffic.
  4. Service your car when it is due – Stick to your vehicle’s service schedule. Replacing faulty parts and cleaning fuel filters can save you some fuel. Keeping your engine in top working order will lower your fuel consumption.
  5. Check your tyre pressure – Keep an eye on your tyres. If they look slightly flat, have them pumped up at the nearest fuel station. Low tyre pressure results in more drag, which means more fuel is burned in order to move the car.
  6. Remove excess weight from your car – Carrying around unnecessary objects in the boot of a car or back of a pickup can increase fuel consumption. Heavy objects such as suitcases, metal tanks and toolboxes will cause you to burn more fuel lugging around their weight. Remove heavy objects from your car if they are not needed for the journey.
  7. Utilise cruise control – If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, make use of it. This technology is great for keeping a vehicle at a constant speed. It also accelerates and brakes very gently, which maximises fuel-efficiency on highways.
  8. Turn your aircon down – Cars use fuel to power the air conditioning system. At low speed, more fuel is needed to run the aircon so turn it down to a lower setting when driving around town or suburbs. On the highway, the aircon can run at a higher speed.

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