Most vehicle manufacturers will offer their customers optional extras when purchasing a car. These include upgraded seats, advanced technology, sporty rims and aesthetic adjustments. Optional extras not only improve the experience of owning and driving the vehicle, but they can also add value to the car when it comes time to sell it.

Although optional extras cost more to install and, therefore, increase the price of a car, they can be a good choice for new vehicle owners. Here are some of the best optional extras to choose when buying a new car.

Cruise control

Fitting your new vehicle with cruise control is a good way to improve the driving experience. Cruise control can make highway driving a breeze – the car keeps the speed constant and does all the accelerating and braking to make the journey smooth. Cruise control also makes vehicles more fuel-efficient.

Many new models that are being released come with adaptive cruise control. This feature allows you to set a distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. As the vehicle in front speeds up or slows down, so too will your car. Adaptive cruise control also monitors the road and keeps the car in the right lane.

LED headlights

LED lights are brighter and more efficient than regular bulbs on cars. This improves the safety of the vehicle as LED bulbs are easier to see in misty or foggy conditions, and they provide more light when driving at night.

Vehicle owners will not regret fitting their new cars with better headlights. LED lights are more reliable than filament bulbs, which means that they will not have to be replaced as often. They can improve the resale value of a vehicle when it comes time to trade in or sell.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

These optional extras are designed to be compatible with the owner’s smartphone. Apple CarPlay enables the car radio or display unit to become a controller for an Apple device. CarPlay works with Apple iPhone 5 and later models.

Android Auto is a similar mobile app that was developed by Google. It mirrors the features of an Android device on the car’s display screen or entertainment system. Android Auto is compatible with any Android smartphone, regardless of manufacturer, making it a more widely-usable optional extra.

These apps allow the driver to stream music through their smartphones, link to navigation apps and display incoming messages. They allow the vehicle to connect wirelessly with the owner’s phone and perform many functions through the entertainment system of the vehicle.

Upgraded speakers

Many car manufacturers partner with sound specialists to create upgraded speaker systems for their vehicles. Companies such as Bose and Blaupunkt offer vehicle manufacturers powerful sound systems for their clients’ cars.

These upgrades can radically improve the clarity and sound quality of music inside the car. They make the experience more pleasurable, especially for music lovers who appreciate quality sound. By installing brand-name speakers in your vehicle, you can use it as a price-boosting feature when selling your car.

Reverse camera and parking sensors

While many new vehicles come standard with reverse cameras and parking sensors, some manufacturers still do not offer them. These are valuable optional extras that make reversing, parking and maneuvering easier for the driver.

They also help the driver to avoid bumping their new car into curbs, walls, pillars and pavements. Reverse cameras make alley docking a breeze and allow the driver to see any hidden obstacles or small animals behind the car.

All of the above optional extras can increase the cost of a new vehicle, but they will also improve the resale value for the owner. They are designed to make cars safer and easier to drive. Optional extras add value to vehicles and improve the ownership experience.

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